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Where it all began.

The concept of Chivilla Bay began one hot summer day August when my husband and I were driving to his sonís baseball tournament. I was telling him how Iíd like to own my own business again and what did he think of a flip flop store? Well, truth be told, he didnít like the idea very much since we live in South Dakota and it can get pretty darn cold here with all that snow. He wondered what we would sell in the off season (snow) months. We had many discussions over the next several months and we both really thought that we could create a store with a unique vibe to it.

Chivilla Bay is about helping you create that vacation state of mind experience that we all long for. In todayís economy not everyone can go on travel vacation but you certainly can go on a vacation. Vacation isnít necessarily a destination, itís more of a state of mind and thatís what we want to help create.

Why not kick back in some comfy flip flops, blend a margarita, and entertain friends or just read a book? We may not be by the ocean or someplace tropical but we sure can wear the bright colored lightweight fabrics or that Jimmy Buffett tee shirt if we want to!

Chivilla Bay is about helping you meet your leisure lifestyle needs Ė whether it be planning a backyard barbeque, going to the lake or the ocean, taking a cruise, watching sporting events, going out with your girlfriends, or just staying at home for some precious ďmeĒ time.

Chivilla Bay means a place to chill and we hope to help make that happen. If you have any ideas for us drop us a line, we love to hear from you!

Bruce and Rhonda